Polyad Industries Ltd/Lte is a family (both blood & adoptive) run business. We are committed to providing a time honoured concept to a world which is finally rediscovering it... Quality.

200x150Unfortunately, for years the word sponge has at best been associated with natural sea sponges. Any manufactured version has either been really cheap (8 for 99) or made of wood – yes, that is why cellulose sponges harden when dry. Keep a cellulose sponge wet and soft and you have even bigger problems (have you ever looked closely at a log in water - no wonder they have to pump them full of antibacterial chemicals). There are a few slightly better sponges out there (also made of polyester ) but they lack the durability and feel (yes feel) of the Seahorse sponges. They also do not have our unique pore design, which allows for unheard of water retention as well as sudsing action.

GR40Ro_1Other companies had to eliminate CFCs from their formulations - we never used them . These durable sponges not only last for years, they surpass the rigourous standards of environmental responsibility that should be the norm – if we are to achieve a truly sustainable economy. For those of us who really care, they need never find themselves contributing their sponges to a landfill site, when finally finished using simply rinse thoroughly and tear into small pieces which are great for potted plants or the rock garden





    Sales Policies
    We do not directly retail our products to end users; however we do support our Retailers and forward all site requests to them based on proximity. We are even now setting up an electronic ordering system for all our Retailers to better serve a growing client base. Since many of the Retailers purchase in wholesale volumes, their on hand colour selection is sometimes greater and retail prices often below our MSLP. The list of Retailers is growing every day, so save yourself time and effort, Please check them out right from here...

    Product Support Policies
    We do believe in and support our products. Generally all of our products will out live any of our competitor’s products. We expect a minimum 2 year use life from all of our sponges. Product testing has shown us that this is not just a target but a reality. Any product that does not meet this target, we want to hear about and if possible get the offending product back to see why. The product support page of this site is a fast way to let us know about it.


    Warranty Policy

    We stand behind our products, with the first (and we believe ONLY) full one year warranty on all SeahorseBrand sponges, which have our logo on the package (seen here on the right). Only sponges bearing our logo carry a full one year warranty!

    These sponges actually last longer (even when machine washed) if yours doesn’t WE WANT TO KNOWSimply bring your rinsed and dried pieces to the store in a Ziploc® bag, include your name and phone #, and

    it will be replaced over the counter -no receipt - no hassle!

    If you’re no longer living near the store of purchase during that first year, give us a call, just remember our phone number, 1-888-SPONGES

      Please note: Every product has limitations, although these sponges can be used with any regular or industrial cleaning agent, even bleach, Colour is not covered by this warranty. Our sponges must not be used with paint thinner or nail polish remover as they act as solvents to the Polyester thus voiding the warranty... On the other hand (if rinsed afterwards) they even resist sulphuric acid!


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