194  x 119 x 56 mm          7  x 4.75  x 2     The Big and Thirsty One

    We have already told you a lot about this great sponge but were not finished. No sponge on the market today has the fluid retention capabilities to surpass this sponge (over 1 litre) with just one sole exception.

    The only competitor to the SOAKER® #10 Car & Truck sponge is ... the SOAKER ® #14 Boat sponge, boasting the same great formulation in a different size and MORE fluid retention capabilities. 

Are our sponges tough enough to do the job and not leave you in the lurch? You bet, after all we DO recommend that you do just what the images below suggest. The very best way to break in your brand new AM-SOAKER®#10 Car & Truck
sponge ... is to DRIVE OVER IT! The stones and slush are optional, but this is not abuse!

The result of driving over our sponges is the creation of micro-fractures in the sponge’s cell walls that actually enhance the formulation’s ability to hold water as well as increasing use, longevity and strength! 

Whatever you drive, take the AM-SOAKER® #10 Car & Truck sponge for a crushing, it will love you for it!



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