Ancillary Lines is the area where all of our product lines are born and nurtured. The AUTO/MARINE SOAKER® is a good example. Customer demand led us to design a little bigger than hand sized thirsty sponge that would hold and retain enough soapy water for big cleanup jobs ...the ”SOAKER® #10 “Big & Thirsty” was born. Soon, most of our retailers (in all areas but one) reported sales of that sponge were ahead of projections. The exception was Retailers that had hardware and automotive sections, they were FIVE fold ahead of projections!. We quickly found out that the ”SOAKER ® #10 “Big & Thirsty” was slightly misnamed for it’s number one use was as a car and truck sponge, thus the name today.
The popularity of that sponge led to customer demand for the other sponges suited to that purpose ... and the
Automotive-Marine Line was born.

    The Ancillary Product Lines outlined below deliver the same overall strength, quality and features that you expect from all SOAKER® sponges. Each of the lines formulations and hands on selection meet the specific requirements of the Vertical Market they represent. ”Yesterday’s vertical market is tomorrows new marketing opportunity”. The demand for our Ancillary Lines’ products increase every day. We are constantly reviewing these demands in the design process for new product. From time to time new lines are born, the newest of these is the SPOGO Line, for those who really want to help the planet.

    What was an Ancillary Line yesterday, the OTerra® Line, is fast becoming one of our bigger and more popular lines. Demand and customer feedback have produced a host of DIY products that make painting and decorating easier and have made the OTerra® Line what it is today.



The Auto/Marine SOAKER® line comprises of 4 great sponges that put the enjoyment back into the pride of a well maintained car, truck, RV or boat.


The ChalkEaters® were designed and formulated for the Scholastic community to reduce labour, dust and all the while putting Industrial strength and durability gently in the dainty hands of the youngest of us.


The professional in the construction field demand the best tools for the job. Ask any one of them who know, what a SOAKER® Industrial Drywall #10-I is, or what the best tool to smooth and finish a taped joint or drywall patch is and the the answer is just a click away ...


The Oka cheese factory had a requirement for a Food grade Industrial sponge that could be used safely in a commercial food environment. The Oka Cheese Sponge met the standard. The little Teller Sponge is another great example of our commercial ‘ made to use’ production.



The R&D on these lines continues. We are particularly looking to expand each of these lines based on our customer demand. The current models in the Ancillary Product Lines can increase very quickly. Those changes will be reflected on this Web Site, often before the changes can be passed along the distribution chain.

The linked pages will provide you with the fuller details, alternate uses as well as some trade hints and tricks. Should your local retailer not carry one or more of the items you see here, then check out other brick & mortar Retailers in your area or the WWW Retailers listed on this site.



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