Do you remember the last time you hand washed your car? Or took out the boat for the first time last spring to do the seasons first cleanup?

The vast majority of our customers over the years have fond memories of those same events. You don’t? OK, it was probably because of one or more of these reasons;

  • The “special” detailing sponges were over budget.
  • My shirt is OK for this, after all nothing cleans it, right?
  • The sponges you used fell apart midway through the job.
  • No mater what you use there was no way to clean the cracks and crannies.
  • There was more water everywhere except where you needed it most.
  • You left the dirty “cleaning” sponges on the dock, galley sponges just won’t do.
  • And let’s not forget, there will always be... yada, yada, yada
  • Guess you have the idea.

    With SOAKER® sponges you could eliminate 90% of the the reasons we all despise the job of cleaning the car and boats we own and love. Add a SOAKER®#4 for those mirror finish acrylics and a chore is now just something else to do on a nice day. Add a SOAKER® #7 for the glove compartment for kids to use to help out inside the cabin and in the galley. (or removing the ice cream on the door handles). The only thing missing is a 2nd sponge capable of soaking up and RETAINING over a litter of clean soapy water (or that dumped pop bottle)... actually if you had just 1 of each of the four Soaker sponges seen in the picture above, the chores would disappear and all the bases would be covered.



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