Here are the answers to some of the most Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) about Sponges, our company and our Products. You may send them to us through the Feedback page of the site. The FAQ’s Bulletin Board will soon be the other place to post these and similar questions. Our Distribution Control Centres, Retailers and in house staff all monitor and review the content so as to provide a diverse input views and opinions. Most of all with the FAQ’s Bulletin Board YOU get in on it too!

Most of you asked one question about SOAKER® Sponges more often and in more permutations that all others “With the various lines, how do I know that Sponge A in the O’Mare® Line which is about the same size as the Sponge B in the Equest® Line or Sponge C in the O’Terra® line is the best for me and why are the prices not about the same?

    A: Each product line has been designed and formulated to best serve the needs of its target market. each sponge has been hand picked and examined to meet that product line’s criteria. Sponge density, hole size, wall thickness are just some of the criteria that are used as determining factors for suitability within one line or the other. Raw sponge slabs cut from two batches will yield unique sponges with varying characteristics and with no absolute predictability. The raw slabs and blocks must then be examined and sorted by experienced hands and eyes at each phase in the production process to yield the final sponges you find on the retailers shelves. We have therefor done the hard work with regards to which of our product line sponges will work best in which application. Our prices therefor are reflective of these variables, some sizes and types are more likely to found more frequently than others thus will cost less.

    Size is a personal choice for you and the reason you will find similar sizes across the product lines, those are the sizes most people find comfortable to hold and use in the targeted application. Choice is actually simple stay within the product line use guidelines and pick the size most efficient for the task at hand. You will experience better cost to benefit and we will have a satisfied customer.

Q: Why do some sponges get hard?

    A: Those sponges are made of wood fibres (cellulose). Over TIME, when they dry out, the wood fibres regain their original natural stiffness. The manufactures of those sponges have added chemicals to maximise the soft initial feel.

Q: Hi, I buy those 8 for $.99 packs, individually they don’t last too long but at $.99 I figure it’s cheap and a good deal! My wife say’s I am being ‘Penny wise pound Foolish’. She likes your SOAKER® #6R around the house and the O’Mare® bath sponges, I think there all the same, who’s right? We have a bet on this and if I loose then ....

    A: You’re right. Those sponges ‘don’t last too long’ and are ‘cheap’. So as a throw away in the shop when you have them, say to pick up methyl hydrate, which will destroy any polyester, great choice. You may want to go to the Dollar Stores in your area where you can get 12 for the same price! The other good news is that your wife is right too! Here’s why.

    Our sponges out last those sponges at least 20-1 therefor any of our sponges that retail for $2.475 [ $.99 /8*20 ]  or less ( most of the ones we make fall into that category) would be an equal deal for the same size, just with the raw math on the ones you get, or $1.65 if you get the Dollar store variety. Most of those $.99 deals however are for 1”x2.5”x3.5” (or close to that) to compare that to our SOAKER® #6R cut it in half. Each half measure 1.45x2.75x3.11 with a retail cost around $1.24, even better that the Dollar store deal and more sponge for the buck.

    Since you asked this question, we know you know the additional savings in time, effort and cleaning products etc. or at least your wife knows and that is where she is right on the money! The same would apply generally for the O’Mare® except that you should read the post at the bottom of the page before trying to convince her to use Dollar store sponges for her sponge baths.

    For an experiment, take the test. First gently pass both sponges while dry lightly over your inner forearm. Then with a piece of Emory paper and a soft cloth. If that doesn’t convince you re your BET the go ahead! Even better, ask her to give a blindfolded sponge bath to you, first on one side with your 8 for $.99 and then the other with one of her favourite bath sponges. Please, do not post the results on the BB when we get it up, we do want kids to see this site on library computers. BUT, we do know a milk producer in your area that will provide fresh milk he would otherwise have to dump for her MILK BATH!

Q: What is the best way to break in new SOAKER® sponges?

    A: Believe it or not, beat them up and wash them a few times. See the site hints to understand that better. Actually the beating them up can be any thing that will crush the micro-fibres and thus create micro-pores. Perhaps we should hold a contest to see what novel ways you all can come up with to accomplish the task!

Q: What is the best way to keep a new SOAKER® sponges new (& still use it)?

    A: Get Posted answer.

Q: Why wash O’Terra® sponges as you recommend, how does it help?

    A: The story of the Teller sponge actually demonstrated that very well because it applies to ALL our sponges.

Q: How can I find out where to purchase your SOAKER® sponges locally?

    A: First check our Retailer Directory to find your region then check the listings on that page. Should you not find a local SOAKER® Retailer then go the Feedback page and ask us by e-mail. This does two things. Allows our web staff to verify if a posting is missing whereby they will correct the oversight (or speed up the polling, we are just getting this off the ground. It also alerts out sales staff in each region to where the demand is coming from. The more demand in an area the higher the priority for the distributor sales teams and our Roving Reps to get new retailers. So let us know.

Q: What is the best way to chose new O’Terra® sponges when I am in the store?

    A: All of our retailers have display aid sheets that will let you know how to best choose which product for the proposed use. You should also prepare yourself by reviewing the information on this web site. BTW: A retail DIY handbook is in production for release next spring.

Q: What is the best way to chose a new sponges over the web?

    A: First review the product line and find the area that you need your sponge to perform best in. Then browse to the pages in that area to find the one that best meets your need. They are listed in order of size so you can save some time by starting in the middle and then work your way up of down the list till you find your size. If that does not help then drop us a note on the contact page here on the site or email and we will try to help.

Q: How can I add your product lines to our retail shelves?

    A: Get in touch with us at and we will take care of that for you ASAP

Q: Who do I contact over the web to market Equest® sponges in my area?

    A: Fox Run is our exclusive distributor for the Equest® line, they are the ones to contact

Q: I sell a line of Cleaning products door to door (my wife does cosmetics). I also cover Home Trade Shows. My product line does not include anything close to what you have. Do you have a program that allows Independents like me (us) to add your O’Mare®, SOAKER ® & O’Terra® products to our samples? ....... And what about inventory, delivery times?

    A: Yes we do. Send us a contact email requesting which products you want to carry with the estimated monthly volume and we will get back to you with a customised quotation and the distributor info on who will handle the account.





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