Please drop us a line, we appreciate all the great hints, tips and web letters we get from you. The short list below is just some of the areas this Feedback page is here for

    • Why did you visit our site?
    • How did you hear about us?
    • You couldn’t find the information you were looking for? 
    • Want to ask a question about sponges?
    • Have a suggestion on what we could add to the site (like this page)
    • Have a new great use for our product
    • Need a sponge for a special application but can not find it

    These are just some of the comments and questions that we get answered when you take a minute to give us your feedback on our site. We really do appreciate the time and efort it takes. Each week, we randomlly select one of the site feedback messages and contact the sender for their personal details so as to send along a gift package in appreciation.

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Pet Peeves

The Udder sponge was
an industry standard
since 1930. Today it has
 been made obsolete by
government regulation
 forcing milk producer
 to use disposable wipes
that irritate many cows.
Even more foolish is that
these wipes use more
resources to make and
dispose of than our Udder
Government at work?