Maximized Facial Cleansing



The O’Maré®#24 Seahorse sponge’s rounded rectangle size is thin and flexible for makeup removal, yet the machine washable nature and unique feel make them just right for daily skin care.



Sold in pairs, the O’Maré ® #24 Seahorse sponge features an “Eversoft pliable texture. These softened rectangles offer a bigger more versatile usable surface than the O’Maré® #22 Seahorse sponge, yet cost a bit less. They are safe for even sensitive skin and ideal for daily cleansing. Excellent for use with water based cleansers and make-up removers.

Remember to look for our Seahorse & help save the oceans sponges from extinction! You also get the best quality available today that is warranted to last.




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O’Maré Model #24