Mini Hand-Sized Sponge

“Building Blocks”


The O’Maré® #40ch Seahorse sponges are child-sized 79mm x 59mm x 37mm body sponges. These soft and sudsy sponges come in a variety of colours.



The O’Maré® #40ch Mini “Building Blocks” and the O’Maré® #43ch Bath Buttons body sponges are especially for kids. With the Seahorse for Children “Eversoft “Building Blocks”, bath time is fun time! After all, your children deserve their very own bubbly sponges. The new Eversoft spogo sponges are also great for families with children. Do not forget that Seahorse sponges do not support bacterial growth thus kids messes cleaned up with Seahorse sponges; are not a problem once the sponge is properly washed.

Remember to look for our Seahorse & help save the oceans sponges from extinction! You also get the best quality available today that is warranted to last.




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