Travel Size Sponge


    The O’Maré® #58 Seahorse sponge at 119mm x 69mm x 30mm is petite enough to fit in a purse or etui. This handy sponge delivers suds and softness anywhere!



O’Maré® Seahorsesponges require lesser amounts of soaps or bath products, as the natural sudsing action maximises your cleanser’s efficiency. Seahorse sponges save you money and reduce the environmental effects of bathing. The O’Maré®#58 slimmed-down body sponge still gives you all the caressing action and sudsing you need - while being small enough to take with you.

Remember to look for our Seahorse & help save the oceans sponges from extinction! You also get the best quality available today that is warranted to last.





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O’Maré Model #58