OMareFamThe O’Maré® Seahorse brand of body, bath and cosmetic sponges have no substitute and little competition. They are the standard that all others can be measured by. Personal grooming becomes a daily pleasurable experience in place of a routine.

facial and body sponges

 now is the time to try them!

These artistically made sponges will pamper your skin while abundantly sudsing any gel or soap - even as you use less! This saves you money while conserving our planet’s resources every day! O’Maré® sponges are made using only minute quantities of organic dyes foamed into small batches of soft high-grade polyester, low environmental impact. The first time you touch this sponge, you will be surprised by how it feels. Then you will realise how well it works, don’t stop there! These sponges are so singular, they actually get better - the more you squeeze, rinse and wring them and we do mean wring! Besides, all O’Maré® sponges are fully machine-washable, thus prolonging their life.

The O’Maré® line features a size that is ideal for any size hand and any form of personal pampered grooming. Browse the links and you will see why they are so indispensable. Once you have tried bathing with an O’Maré® sponge you will NEVER want to return to anything else!

One last thing, perhaps, the most important thing! Natural sea & ocean sponges are being over harvested as demand has grown. They are being harvested to extinction. The worlds oceans need Natural sea & ocean sponges to be healthy, their function is to clean the oceans not us!


So PLEASE, use O’Maré® sponges and leave the worlds oceans their Natural Live Sea & Ocean Sponges;

 Extinction is NOT a viable option!







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