Oterra 064 v2The OTerra® Line is the choice for knowledgeable trade professionals and Do It Yourself enthusiasts.

Each one has been specially crafted for the special needs professionals in the field have demanded. These handcrafted Syntho-Sea® sponges are a long lasting, environmentally conscious true alternative to Mother Nature’s sea sponges.

The selection and diversity in the line means that if a sponge can do the job we have the sponge. Superior tensile properties permits the unique skinless design. This renders all the surfaces equally functional providing multiple working surfaces and profiles, for added value.

“The right tool for the job”

    means a job that is both well done and delivered on time. The OTerra® sponges and accessories are the right tools for you to use.

    The field testing of the OTerra® sponges is ongoing. Each year new compounds, methods and techniques are created and we have the largest family of field testers in the world, you. Not just those paid by us to do it but you, the contractors and and everyday clients of our OTerra® sponges. Your feedback keeps us on our toes and thus adding to and improving the line every year

    The links on the left take you to the individual OTerra® Line Product pages. The OTerra® Line delivers the same overall strength and features that you expect from all SeahorseBrand sponges, nut uniquely formulated for the task at hand, like eliminating the need to sand drywall joints.




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Ancillary Lines
New Line Items
O'Terra 8P
O'Terra 9P
O'Terra 11P
O'Terra 13P
O'Terra 13S
O'Terra 20-2
O'Terra 45-2
O'Terra 90P
O'Terra 90-45
O'Terra 855-I
O'Terra 100

Regular rinsing & washing with mild soap Bl_x20 Bl_x20 Bl_x20

The OTerra Collection