The SeahorseBrand Logo denotes quality ;

Household Uses
Painting and decorating


  • Quality of absorption!
  • Quality of durability!
  • Quality of retention!
  • Quality of feel


All our sponges are manufactured in Canada from high density polyester. We use all natural organic colouring agents and have always had a CFC-free process.

 They wash and rinse thoroughly, all without harming glossy, fine or delicate finishes including Teflon®. These durable sponges were designed to last for years, not days. Field tests and customers have shown that the more you use them the better they get.

Seahorse Brand sponges
 outlast regular sponges 20-1

The environmental impact of polyester, an oil by-product, is more than offset by the long lasting bio-cycle of these unique sponges.

Add the increased efficiency of your cleaning products and you have a winner for
 planet and pocketbook.








Horse & Leather Care


Facial & body sponges



From soft sudsy body sponges that pamper your skin - to rigid, industrial grade drywall sanding sponges we make them all. Sponges with the Seahorselogo are the best money can buy, and the job gets done! The Teller sponge saga illustrates our commitment to quality. These words are backed by our One Year Manufacture’s Warranty, the first and only in the industry!

Feel free to send us suggestions for innovative new sponges.
 We listen to what our customers have to say



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We also have the 4 Ancillary Lines individually linked below. Each sponge listed therein has unique properties that the speciality demands.

A good example, in our Contractor line, is the IND/Drywall 10-I which ELIMINATES the need for sandpaper when finishing drywall. It allows for DUST-FREE plastering because you can wet~sand. The 10-I has been so popular, that a second size, the 655-I, is now available for Do It Yourselfer wherever OTerra® sponges are sold.











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Best Tips

A regular wash &

rinse with mild

soap will keep mid

and light duty

sponges lasting

well beyond the

2 to 3 year life





What do a beat-up

old sponge, a shot

glass, and a new

Teller sponge all

have in common,

and why should we

care? No, it's not

 a joke ...



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