We do do more than just make, test, design and create sponges! We eat breath and live with them every day ... and bNameelieve it or not so do a lot of other people!

This extension of our site will let you know about those people and the world of sponges (not just ours). We hope to make this portal a must stop for all. You may even find out why an average of over 1,500 people a day enter the words sponge and sponges into Search engines. This section is where content we will be providing to planetsponge.com will appear first, for example...

    We will give you News from the sponge world we have found

        Share all the Tricks and Trade Hints on how to get the very best results, longest use, even how to pick the best one for the job ... “Did you drive over your new sponge today?” “No”, too bad, you should have. Do you know Why? We did tell you...

          We will answer the Questions we are asked all the time and the odd ones.

            We will introduce you to the vast World of Sponges both on and off the World Wide Web.

              And ... For those of you who love sponges enough to put your own site up on the Web we will help with a free Members Only Club & Forum

Monthly Turtleback Parade FestivalSo, please check back from time to time as we will get to adding to it as soon as we take some time away from Making, Testing, Designing and Creating Sponges, SPONGES & YES MORE SPONGES...


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