Just in case you have never heard of a Teller sponge, (not used much by computer types), it is the sponge that bank tellers and others that count paper money, Stock Cirtificates and cheques use to keep their finger damp. Are their other uses? Probably given it’s versatile small size but first we would like to stick to that one and tell you about one of ours...


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North Lancaster: 2003,03,12


A few months ago I unexpectedly stopped into the Bank of Montreal branch on Pitt Street in Cornwall, Ontario – not a branch I normally frequent. Of course there was a huge line-up and when I eventually made it to the teller I was in a rush to leave again – but something caught my eye. It was a sponge and while my teller was away “doing what they do in the back” I started to speculate whether it was one of ours or not. We used to supply the B of M through their warehouse many years ago…I well remember as a teenager trying to find its odd location near the Jacques Cartier Bridge on the South Shore of Montreal.

Well, I looked and studied, and even copped a feel, and the pore structure seemed familiar…and when she came back I read her nametag and said, 

“How long have you had your teller sponge, Rita?”

Her answer surprised even me! “You know” she said ”I got that sponge the first month I started and that was over eighteen years ago, I liked it so much” she continued “that whenever I went on vacation I hid it so that no one would throw it out on me.” I understood this sentiment well, after all it did look decrepit and it could easily have been replaced on her by a well meaning co-worker.

So, I revealed to Rita that we had made that sponge not thirty miles from her branch and that, if she liked, I could get her a replacement. She jumped at the chance and a week or so later I delivered the dozen teller sponges she had ordered. Unfortunately, she was not in that day, so it wasn’t until yesterday that I could recoup the evidence. True to her word (I had asked her to keep it for me) Rita produced the old sponge for me, and the picture shows just what kind of shape it was in after 18 years of use. Still, it is in one piece!

This isn’t the only time I’ve heard of just how incredibly good our sponges are, and some people go to great lengths to find them - sending faxes from as far away as Idaho - or taking the time to call from Quebec City and keeping at it until they find the size they are looking for. That is why we are still in business. We make the best!


A Teller is a great sponge! Are their other uses?

Probably hundreds we don’t know about but here’s one ...


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