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Applying ArmourAll by Author 1
The # 7 counter-top sponge works great for applying Armor-all and other vinyl protections. Look to the smaller pore structure for best results.

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Breaking In Large Sponges by Author 2
The #10 is best broken in by driving over it with the car!.

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Editorial 1 by G. Telbisz
Why sponges are the best products for facial or body cleansing and how to choose the best one for the task.

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Polyester is a byproduct of the oil-plastics Industry. It is a long string polimer that retains it shape for a long time. Gemerally it is resistant to most chemicals used in cleaning, household and industial sponge use. Methol Hydrate is the one notable exception, it will desolve Polyester.

When you are finished with them, tear them into little pieces and add them to the soil for water loving Indoor plants. Your micro sponges are great nutrient and moisture magnets! Even better, they never have to see a landfill site!

A regular rinse then machine washing with mild soap will keep mid & light duty sponges lasting well beyond the two to three year useful life expectancy.





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